I created a munin plugin to chart the number of gears present/idle on OpenShift application node instances. The plugin was written for/tested against OpenShift Enterprise 1.2.

Chart: One Host

Present/Idle gears on a host

These charts show the number of gears present/idle on a single OpenShift application node instance. Nothing special required to set this plugin up. Just copy the script/configuration to your node and then restart the munin-node service.

Chart: District

Gears present across a district

This is a combined/multigraph chart showing the number of gears present on all nodes representing my “small” district. This chart is created using the munin concept of ‘loaning’ data.

GitHub: openshift-munin-plugins

Interested in trying it out yourself? The code is up on github: tbielawa/openshift-munin-plugins.

Along with the actual plugin you can find example munin server configs for creating the multigraph chart of gears across all nodes in a district.