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Python - bitmath

bitmath is a Python library for using file size units (GiB's, kB's, etc) as objects in code just like numbers.

If you do a lot of file size math, bitmath could save you quite a bit of time.

  • Converting between SI and NIST prefix units (kB to GiB)
  • Converting between units of the same type (SI to SI, or NIST to NIST)
  • Automatic human-readable prefix selection
  • Basic arithmetic operations (subtracting 42KiB from 50GiB)
  • Rich comparison operations (1024 Bytes == 1KiB)
  • bitwise operations (<<, >>, &, |, ^)
  • Reading a device's storage capacity (Linux/OS X support only)
  • argparse integration as a custom type
  • click integration as a custom parameter type
  • progressbar integration as a better file transfer speed widget
  • String parsing
  • Sorting

In addition to the conversion and math operations, bitmath provides human readable representations of values which are suitable for use in interactive shells as well as larger scripts and applications. The format produced for these representations is customizable via the functionality included in stdlibs string.format.

The Virtual Disk Guide

I wrote a book! It's free.

The Linux Sysadmin's Guide to Virtual Disks demonstrates the core concepts of virtual disk management. Real-world problems are covered in the book's "Cookbook" section. Other topics include: helper utilities, disk formats, troubleshooting tips, performance considerations, and comprehensive appendices.