Plugins (“Scripts”)

Show the channels you have joined

Direct message notifications

Needs some tweaks on Gnome 3 though for better functionality

Explanation for having this:

By default, in GNOME3 every notification you recieve from weechat will stack up in your notification panel until acknowledged. This is not my idea of ideal. In libnotify, setting notifications to transient (see patch) means that they will not hang around on your notification panel forever – waiting for you to acknowledge them – one-by-one, before they disappear

Why not just click the links normally? Presumably, you’re running weechat in a terminal, this will cause long links to hard-wrap around the screen. When the links are hard-wrapped like this it causes the clickable portion of the URL to become truncated (you won’t be able to click the full url).

With this plugin you can use a simple command (within weechat) to launch links for you. The plugin watches your channels for text that looks like links and makes a note of them.

This has one obvious limitation: it doesn’t work well if you’re running weechat on a remote host, i.e., you have to ssh to the host you run weechat on. (But there are ways around that).

Built-In Keybindings

Go to the buffer I was last pinged in

  • Alt + a

Go to buffer

  • Alt + #

  • Usage:

    • Alt + 5
  • The current window will now display buffer number 5

See the next tip if you need to show a buffer whose number is two or more digits.

Go to buffer

  • Alt + j ##

  • Usage:

    • Alt + j 10

The current window will now display buffer number 10

Moving your cursor focus between split windows

  • Previous Window: F7

  • Next Window: F8

Clear all activity/notification colors from your buffer list

  • Alt + h

Go up/down channels (“buffers”)

  • Ctrl + N

  • Ctrl + P

Helpful Custom Key Bindings

Scrolling the user list

  • Scroll down is F12 by default

  • Scroll up is F11 by default

This conflicts with the common F11 = full screen idiom. Instead, lets leave F12 as scroll down, but make Shift + F12 scroll up.

  • /key bind meta2-24;2~ /bar scroll nicklist * y-100%

Enter it exactly as shown: with the tilde (~) and semicolon (;).

User Interface Tweaks

More colors for users nicks

WeeChat >= 0.3.5, terminal with 256 colors

Don’t show every join/part/quit

If you want to see who has joined/left recently, press ALT + = (alt and the equals key). Pressing it again rehides the notices.

Fix the buffer titles

You may have a problem where your buffer titles (channel topics) only color the bar to the end of their text. This is a configuration issue and the fix is documented on the weechat FAQ.

Useful Basic Aliases (“slash command” shortcuts)

Set a handle on multiple servers

At work I am logged into three IRC networks all day long: devel, corp, and freenode, I use this to set a status (tbielawa brb, or tbielawa wfh, …) on all three at once:
  • /alias appendnick /allserv nick tbielawa|$*

  • Usage:

    • /appendnick wfh
Nick on all networks is now: tbielawa wfh.

Close the current buffer (channel window)

  • /alias cb /buffer close

  • Usage:

    • /cb

Reconnect to multiple networks

If I have been disconnected (dropped off the VPN, or switched locations) and I need to reconnect to all my IRC networks I use this:

  • /alias rejoin /reconnect -all

  • Usage:

    • /rejoin

Open the last URL posted

If you’re using the plugin (above), this will open the last URL it found in your current channel:

  • /alias open /url 1

  • Usage:

    • /open

The last link sent in your channel will be launched in your browser.

Split into three windows

Split weechat into three horizontally stacked windows:

  • /alias split3 /window splith 33; /window +1; /window splith

  • Usage:

    • /split3

I don’t normally run this by hand, it’s actually a part of a more complex alias I run when I first open weechat. See /mychannels and /startup, below.

Useful Advanced Aliases

These will build off of some of the aliases we already setup in the “Basic Aliases” section.

Set a ‘work from home’ nick

  • /alias wfh /appendnick wfh

  • Usage:

    • /wfh
My nick would now be set to tbielawa wfh on all logged in servers. Requires you made the /appendnick alias already.

Set a ‘lunch’ nick

  • /alias lunch /appendnick lunch

  • Usage:

    • /lunch
My nick would now be set to tbielawa lunch on all logged in servers.

Set back my normal nick (as if returning from lunch)

  • /alias unlunch /allserv nick tbielawa

  • Usage:

    • /unlunch

My nick would now be set back to ‘tbielawa’ on all logged in servers.

Do a Figlet in another buffer

Ask the GCA bot in #it-eng to do a Figlet (Figlets are large ASCII text banners). This works no matter what channel you’re viewing presently, as long as it’s on the same irc network:

  • /alias fig /msg #it-eng gca: figlet $*

  • Usage:

    • /fig LOLCATS!

The phrase LOLCATS! will appear in a large ASCII font in the #it-eng channel.

Display three buffers in multiple windows

This requires that you have three horizontally stacked windows open (see /split3 above). It will cycle the focus through each window and then set it to display a specific buffer (channel).

Say for example you automatically join three channels when opening weechat: #it, #secretfunchannel, and #myteamchannel:

  • /alias mychannels /window up; /buffer #it; /window down; /buffer #secretfunchannel; /window down; /buffer #myteamchannel; /window up

  • Usage:

    • /mychannels

When the alias finishes the cursor will be focused on the center buffer (channel), which in this example would be #secretfunchannel.

Final Window <-> buffer arrangement after running /mychannels:

  • Top <->  #it

  • Middle <-> #secretfunchannel has the cursor focus

  • Bottom <-> #myteamchannel

I don’t actually run this alias directly (like /split3, above). It is part of a more complex macro. See /startup, below.

The best alias ever

Sets up your windows and what channels they display correctly when you start weechat. This will split weechat into three horizontally stacked windows, each showing a specific channel:

  • /alias startup /split3; /mychannels

  • Usage:

    • /startup
  • This alias depends on the /split3 alias and the /mychannels alias, defined above.