While I've been gone from the blogging world I've still been working on projects. Mostly I've been working on documentation.

  • Debian/Fedora Package Management comparison. Since switching my Slice to Fedora from Ubuntu I've picked up plenty of commands for managing packages. This is just a quick wiki page giving the roughly equivalent commands from Debian/Ubuntu to Fedora/RedHat.

  • regexp basics is a brief tutorial on regular expressions. My roommate abutcher put it together for his WVU CS210 (Advanced File and Data Structures) course. The DocBook 5 sources are available in git.

  • The biggest doc project I've been working on again (finally) is my Virtual Disk Guide aimed at power users and sysadmins. Currently it's a rough draft and is constantly undergoing major changes and additions. It's available as a single HTML document, chunked into multiple pages, and in PDF format. You can get the DocBook 5 formatted source to it through my GitHub account.

My Project Templates project has seen some much needed attention recently. The DocBook starter project has been completely redone. Here's some reasons you might want to use it.

  • Includes a basic starter document with most of the available informational tags present but commented out so all you need to do is uncomment the elements you need for your document.

  • Inclues a customizable Makefile that can adapt itself to different operating systems (Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora/RedHat, and Mac OS X) by just uncommenting the proper directory paths for the schema and stylesheet files.

  • The Makefile has targets for: cleaning up, creating schema locator files for nxml-mode in emacs, publishing PDFs, and publishing chunked or single HTML documents.

  • The comments in the Makefile also tell you what packages you need to install to get the schema and stylesheet files.

Using the Makefile for publishing only requires having xsltproc and dblatex installed. Both of which are available through your favorite package manager.